Creative agencies play a crucial role in shaping businesses’ brand image and communication strategies. They bring together a multitude of skills, including design, copywriting, marketing strategy, and digital development. This blog post explores some of the top creative agencies globally, the key people behind their success, their operation costs, their notable clients, and their impact on the market.

1. Wieden+Kennedy


Founded in 1982 by Dan Wieden and David Kennedy, Wieden+Kennedy (W+K) has become one of the world’s most respected creative agencies. With headquarters in Portland, Oregon, the agency operates in several other locations worldwide.

W+K doesn’t disclose its operational costs, but it’s known for creating high-budget campaigns for top-tier clients. It employs around 1500 people across all its locations.

The agency’s most noteworthy clients include Nike, Old Spice, Airbnb, and Coca-Cola. The agency’s “Just Do It” campaign for Nike and “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign for Old Spice are advertising classics.

W+K’s work has significantly impacted the advertising world, pushing creative boundaries and setting high standards for compelling storytelling.

2. Droga5

Founded in 2006 by David Droga, the former Executive Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi London, Droga5 quickly rose to prominence in the advertising world. Based in New York, with an additional office in London, Droga5 has been part of Accenture Interactive since 2019.

The agency doesn’t publicly disclose its operation costs, but with a staff of over 500 and clients who are major global brands, running costs are undoubtedly substantial.

Notable clients include Under Armour, The New York Times, and Amazon Prime Video. Droga5 is known for creating culturally impactful, conversation-driving work, like the Under Armour’s “I Will What I Want” campaign.

Droga5’s impact on the market is defined by its innovative and audacious approach to storytelling, making it one of the most influential agencies in the industry.

3. BBDO Worldwide


BBDO was established in 1891 by George Batten, and it now operates in 81 countries. Andrew Robertson is the current CEO, and David Lubars serves as the Chief Creative Officer.

As a global agency network, BBDO’s operating costs would be immense, incorporating staff salaries, office spaces, and resources necessary to develop multi-platform campaigns.

BBDO’s client list includes global giants like PepsiCo, GE, FedEx, and Mars. The agency’s work, such as the “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign for Snickers, is recognized worldwide.

BBDO’s approach, summarized in their mantra “The Work, The Work, The Work,” has resulted in a consistent output of high-quality, effective campaigns that have a significant impact on the global advertising scene.

4. DDB Worldwide


DDB Worldwide, formed in 1949 by Maxwell Dane, Ned Doyle, and Bill Bernbach, is one of the most acclaimed creative agencies. It operates in more than 90 countries, with Wendy Clark currently serving as the Global CEO.

As a large international network, DDB’s running costs are substantial. They have over 200 offices worldwide and employ thousands of people.

Clients of DDB include McDonald’s, Unilever, and Volkswagen. Their work often becomes part of popular culture, like the iconic Volkswagen “Think Small” campaign.

DDB has continually influenced the advertising world with its human-centric approach to creativity, delivering campaigns that resonate deeply with audiences and drive cultural conversation.

5. Ogilvy


Founded by David Ogilvy in 1948, Ogilvy has grown into a global network operating in over 100 countries. Andy Main is the current Global CEO.

Ogilvy, part of WPP Group, does not publicly disclose its operation costs. However, being a large multinational network with top-tier clients, the costs are undoubtedly high.

Key clients include American Express, IBM, and Ford. Ogilvy’s work is known for its strategic creativity, such as Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign.

Ogilvy’s impact on the advertising and marketing industry has been substantial, known for creating memorable campaigns that blend creativity with effectiveness.


These top creative agencies represent the pinnacle of the advertising and marketing industry. Their influence extends beyond their impressive client lists and successful campaigns, shaping the future of advertising and branding by pushing creative boundaries, championing innovation, and delivering messages that resonate with audiences globally. These agencies illustrate the powerful impact of creativity on the business world.